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With Open Eyes accelerates the sharing and teaching of the good news of Jesus Christ to the unreached and underserved peoples of the world.

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1st Quarter Mobile Messenger Reports

RWANDA “We really enjoyed the ministry in the first quarter of this year of the Lord. With the help of bicycles, we were able to move extra miles in reaching people for Christ.  Mobile Messengers Team carried out the ministry in two areas. The Lord saved 1661 people.” “We also moved on and ministered to […]

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Come to the Mountain

This past weekend we had our first women’s retreat in the mountains of North Carolina with 50+ women, including our Kenyan Ministry Partners. The idea for the women’s retreat came from the time spent in Kenya at their ‘Prayer Mountain’, where the women and children of the Namanga community climb up each Tuesday morning to […]

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Motorcycles and Bicycles, Oh my!

Excitement is in the air in Rwanda with the dedication of 18 new bicycles and 2 motorcycles for Pastors, now Mobile Messengers! Thanks to your support and generosity, the work of Mobile Messengers in Rwanda is now greatly accelerated with transportation and discipleship tools. We can’t wait to hear the reports and share them with […]

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